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Do you accept Donald Trump as your president?

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    How can I accept him knowing that the country refused him by 3 million votes?
    Const. King · 0 3
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  • He is much better than Obama ever was & we all know Hillary is nothing but a lying corrupt thief.
    Const. King · 0 3
  • Seeing as he was dully elected as president of this country yes. The same would be true if Mrs. Clinton was elected.
    Former SSgt.
    fatboysdaddy · 0 2
  • ROyal WOlf is the only one in the world that is president of anything, anywhere, at anytime. .
    dumbbbutth · 0 2
  • Why not, I voted for him. I did not say he is doing the best job, but he is still President of the United States of America.
    amerilanti · 4 11
  • Yes. Reality sucks sometimes but you 'muricans should try it out. It's not as scary as you think and basing your decisions on it can really pay off!
    Sfancik · 12 9
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