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Why are all the legitimate questions disappearing from the military section?

I've seen this all week. You answer a good question, only to see it moved to sub-forums like Make-up, Jokes & Riddles, and Mental Health. I've seen nothing but troll questions remaining all week. Like right now, there is practically all troll questions for three days. And, questions from Make-up and Mental Health are getting moved to the Military section!
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    The imbecile Ninefinger (aka Little Nancy Ninefinger) pretends he is combating this with all his imaginary friends. He claims that the trolls are being "hammered on all fronts" and that he and his imaginary friends have a "coordinated attack" on trolls. He claims that trolls are "losing accounts daily."

    I am totally serious that he used those words. I am not kidding. He said:

    "hammered on all fronts"
    "coordinated attack"
    "losing accounts daily."

    Little Nancy is the dipshit who pretended to have a Facebook group here is all his imaginary playmates.

    Daniel · 2 0
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  • Because some Level 7 users wanna Fool around and move Questions to where they dont go the only thing you can do is If your a Level 7 user or if its your Question move it back to the Correct Category other then that nothing else can be Done
    Daniel · 2 0
  • As usual LDM in his delusional state lies.

    My exact words were YOUR accounts are getting deleted. AS are your comments, questions and answers.

    As yes, I used those exact words !
    Ninefinger · 9 1
  • Because those of that actually served got fed up being abused By people who never served and are jealous of our achievements like 10 -1 it failed ROTC girls section
    armouror · 2 1
  • Because the trolls are bored, schools almost out for Christmas break and they have nothing better to do than post stupid questions, answer in multiple profiles, give themselves the best answer and the move questions they don’t like
    NWIP · 5 1

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