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How can I take a sample of my wall to prove it is saturated with urine?

I need to get proof that my walls are saturated in urine since my landlord will not even look at the problem. I am trying to find a test I guess, like a mold test, that will show that it is urine. Is there such a test or way to detect urine as proof. Wall is mooshy and poorly patched over and I just discovered it after moving in.
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    I don't think it is urine. It is very old plaster residue which looks yellowish when it gets wet from a leak. You should just assert that the walls are wet with some unidentified leak. Send the landlord a letter by certified mail requesting that the issue be addressed.

    Document it. If nothing is done, your only recourse may be to file a case in small claims court.
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  • You can look for a forensics lab in your area that can run a DMAC test for the presence of urine. The moisture is almost certainly coming from another source, and it's far more important to get that source identified and removed. A negative test for urine could be used to help you convince the landlord to do something.

    'OK, Mister Landlord, you were right. Nobody's been peeing there. Now, why is the wall wet, and what are you going to do about it?'
    curtisports2 · 1 1
  • There is no such home test I am aware of. But you do not need to prove it. What you need to do is follow your states landlord tenant law to force a repair. The 1st legally required step in most states is to notify them of the problem in writing.
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  • Why does it matter what made the wall mushy.
    Ask the landlord to repair the damaged wall.
    A Hunch · 2 1
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