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Why dos Trump want the police to have military equipment?

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  • Are you high? They already do. Their rifles can switch between semi-auto and auto. It's just not practical to use auto. There was a serial killer in my area about a year ago. He was breaking into cabins, robbing people, and killing them. He evaded police on at least half a dozen occasions. They ended up sending tanks after him. The tanks had Kern County Sheriff's Department painted on them. I tried to find pictures, but I can't find the article where he evaded police. It may have been edited, because he was killed. Search Jawbone Canyon Killer if you want to know more.
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  • What Trump never says, or lies about, is that, with a few small exceptions, law enforcement agencies could already acquire whatever military equipment they want, so long as they committed to certain best practices, maintained consistent policies about when the equipment could be deployed, and could demonstrate that the officers who would be using the equipment were properly trained.
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  • Because so many of the bad guys have it.
    Jeffrey · 0 0
  • The ðønąłð is a Nazi. That's why I voted for him.
    Racist Rednecк Republican · 2 0
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We cannot let the hate criminals control this country.
    Brak Hates Hillary Clinton · 0 0
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