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  • Hillary testified to Comey behind closed doors. Trump said she lied to him. How does Trump know the questions and answers asked and answered?

    Best answer: Trump has mental disorders, teamed up with Russians to rig the election, is not doing what his worshipers think he's doing,
    but he knows if he repeats something enough his worshipers will believe it like holy scripture.
    18 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • Did Hillary lie to the FBI? If so, what lies did she tell?

    21 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • What is your favorite flavor ice cream?

    Best answer: My favorite is Butter Pecan.
    36 answers 2 weeks ago Entertaining
  • Can the universe exist without observers?

    It's been argued that wave function collapse requires the involvement of an "intelligent observer", but wouldn't that imply that either nothing existed before humans came into being or that there has been some form of intelligent life since the Big Bang?
    37 answers 2 weeks ago Astronomy & Space
  • Mueller can’t find any evidence that Trump colluded with Russia so now he is going after him for obstructing the fabricated witch hunt?

    It’s illegal to obstruct a conspiracy to have you removed from office that was based on fabrications from your political opponents?
    9 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • Is it misogynistic to assume that a woman must be a feminist?

    Best answer: "Is it misogynistic to assume that a woman must be a feminist?"

    I think so. And this is derived from the fact that many people consider feminism to be a hate group based on the very words and actions made by prominent feminists that hold positions of power within the movement. Therefore to consider a woman a feminist might be to consider her a man-hater. And without actual knowledge of her ideological position, that would be misogynistic (if she is not a feminist).
    12 answers 2 weeks ago Gender Studies
  • How to root out false valor in the work place..?

    He claims that he was in the NG. That he was a "Radio Fixer".. Does not know the MOS.. Does not know the rank system. Do I just call him out on this in front of everybody or what do I do? He's 20 years old, appearance is not at all military, doesn't understand lingo like PX or 8/\ - poge... Whatever. I served in the A reserves -- 11b then 95b went on to the Marines after that full time.. (6025 Harrier Jet Eng Mech) This dude is full of it and I am tired of listening to his sh*t
    17 answers 2 weeks ago Military
  • Why are red states so depressing?

    Best answer: Places run by willful ignorance will do that to you.
    19 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • Should only Rich People be allowed in America?

    17 answers 1 week ago Politics
  • Is Eli Manning a hall of famer or no?

    The guy won 2 Super Bowls and He played 210 consecutive games, He also struggled a lot and had a lot of interceptions.
    78 answers 2 weeks ago Football (American)
  • Obama warned Trump to not hire Flynn. Did Trump hire Flynn anyways because he was so obsessed with being anti-Obama?

    Best answer: Not entirely. Trump felt close to Flynn because Flynn had sided with him early on in the campaign. He likely did not hire Flynn specifically to piss off Obama, but his hatred of Obama let him to Discount any concerns that Obama life raised about Flynn. To Trump, these concerns were just sour grapes on the part of Obama. He figured that Obama thinks like he does. Since Trump has no concern for policy or good governance he assumes that Obama has none either and is only concerned with settling scores. So he dismissed Obama's concerns as just sour grapes from a guy who has lost an election and didn't want to see someone who he had a disagreement with get hired
    18 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • If trickle down works then why hasn't the money trickled down already since the rich owns so much wealth?

    19 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • What do people like about Donald Trump?

    Best answer: The large portion of his supporters like that he has conservative views on mostly everything.

    Some like his Nixon style "Law and Order" ideas which are more pro-police.
    Some people would see that concept in racial terms.

    There are Neo Nazi and anti black groups that also like this about him.

    Some like that he is white.

    Some like that he is a man and not a woman.

    Some like his America first ideas in dealing with the rest of the world.

    Some like his views on immigration.

    Some bought into the idea that as a business man he was capable of making deals; they think he is a deal expert, because he wrote the "Art Of The Deal."

    Some have bought into the idea that he will have a big impact on the US Economy.

    Another portion believe his many promises,


    Most of his promises are far from being realized, partly because he is the President, and not the king of the US. As President he has no ability to change laws, and bring about most of what he promised.

    He does not have good deal making skills, and is missing some very basic leadership skills of "Winning Friends and Influencing People" which is a very important book and series of concepts written by Dale Carnegie.

    He either does not know how to get the best employees and as a result fires more people than his predecessors or
    he does not know the basic US managerial concept of getting unwanted employees to resign, and as a result he fires them more than his predecessors, which at some point, will backfire badly on him.

    He does not know how to work with the Other Side of the Isle and is farther from being a unifier than any of his predecessors,.

    He at times makes inappropriate comments that a large portion of the US does not agree with or want from a leader. (for example "Grab em by the ...")

    His comments about the Press are untrue, unnecessary and again unprecedented.
    23 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • Will Ivanka Trump be the first female President?

    Best answer: If she runs as a Republican. But not if she runs as a Democrat.

    America has rejected the left.
    23 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • What is your favorite ACTORS out of these?

    Best answer: Carol brunette
    61 answers 2 weeks ago Yahoo Answers
  • What was the last song you sung along to?

    Best answer: This one, of a few..was last night,at the cafe ..With friends who were playing & singing

    This is the last one they did,I sang to with them..~*

    I'm Yours ~ By Jason Mraz
    26 answers 2 weeks ago Lyrics
  • Is it true that Donald Trump cannot be guilty of obstruction of justice because he is the president?

    Trump lawyer argues ‘president cannot obstruct justice’ because he is president
    23 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • Why Is Ivanka Leading US Delegations, and Not Secretary of State?

    Ivanka Trump, President Trump's daughter is representing an official American delegation in an event put on by the US State Department, instead of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Nepotism much?
    22 answers 2 weeks ago Politics
  • Should I bring the dog inside the house?

    Okay so I live with my boyfriend's family and they have a pitbull who doesn't come in the house. He's very sweet very very respectful, I live in Norco CA and it's very windy and very cold it's 59° but feels 50° I feel so bad for him he hates the wind should I bring him in?
    26 answers 2 weeks ago Dogs