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  • What can I do if a debt collector calls my family after I told them not to?

    About 6 months ago I contacted a debt collector about a debt and have been paying them money every month since then. During that call I informed them that I don't want them contacting my place of work or any of my family and also have audio recording of it. They informed me that they were taking my family and my work off their list. Now my family has been receiving calls where they say they are debt collectors trying to collect a debt. From my research I have read they are not allowed to say they are collecting debts to anyone but they person they are trying to reach. Can I do anything to make debt collectors stop calling my family?
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  • Why is it harder to get out of student loans then it is for credit card debt?

    By eliminating the forgiveness, are they hoping to make up for losses? How do they think that will work if someone is already behind in payments? Why not just throw them all in jail if the default then? That’s what happens if you have to many driving fines right?
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  • I am making student loan monthly payments and pays ahead a couple of months, but still make monthly payments will that increase credit score?

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  • Poll: What do you refuse to pay for?

    35 answers 2 days ago Personal Finance
  • What's the best way to improve your interview skills if you get nervous?

    I just recently had an interview that didn't go well but for first time I got feedback after an interview because the H.R person so I looked nervous and my eyes were looking all over the place also I am a quiet person most of the time so if you could give me some advice that will help me with future interviews that would be great.
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  • Is the tenant responsible for painting a rental unit?

    When my wife and I moved into our rental home some 12+ years ago the place was broom swept and the walls painted. Over the years the house has changed owners and gone through several different management companies. I recently inquired with our current management company about possibly coming in and doing a cleaning and painting since it hasn't been painted in at least 12+ years and the management company replied to me saying that painting a rental unit is the responsibility of the tenant? I fail to believe that is true. I pay rent and you manage the upkeep. How often is a rental unit supposed to be painted or just given a deep cleaning and is it the responsibility of the tenant to pay for that?
    30 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Why do contractors prefer cash over credit card?

    Chimney guy told me it would be $5,500 for the job. I told him I would pay cash and he said it would only be $4,700. Is this because he wouldn't get charged fee for charging a credit card and/or is it because if it is a cash deal, he doesn't technically have to report it, hence doesn't have to pay any taxes on it? Thanks
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  • Is base salary after or before taxes?

    17 answers 8 hours ago United States
  • My private Calif. Kasier health insurance starts Jan.1, 2018. What date(and how)can I end the insurance on good terms?I will reapply in 2022?

    I bought California Kaiser insurance for 2018 year.I bought the plan directly through kaiser. I will not get government subsidies. I did not want the subsidies. I want Kaiser health insurance for the whole year of 2018. I will probably buy Kasier health insurance again in 2022. questions 1. How long do I need to keep my (2018) Kaiser insurance, so I could apply for Kaiser inusrance again in 2022? 2. Do I need to keep my Kaiser 2018 insurance for at least one year before the insurance expires? 3.Basically I want to leave Kasier on good terms,because I want to purchase health insurance from them (Kaiser) again in 2022. How long do I need to keep my insurance with them (Kasier--starting Jan. 1,2018), so I could leave on good terms with them (Kasier)? 4. When (what date(s)) can I leave Kasier on good terms? and how would I do it? explain
    6 answers 13 hours ago Insurance
  • Can you work 15 hours a day?

    Can you work more than 12 hours per day?
    13 answers 2 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Can I collect unemployment?

    Hello recently I was layed off at my warehouse so I applied for unemployment . I was lucky to find another job but only worked for 1 days before I had to voluntarily quit because my father passed away and my mother is I'll and I'm her only child and close relative so I'm now caring for her. Can I still collect unemployment in california or am I disqualified?
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  • I filled out my W4 before my wife gave birth. So I’m guessing I didn’t write down that I have a dependent. She doesn’t work.?

    I haven’t updated my W4. Am I gonna get a penalty? Am I gonna get less money? Please help. I’m stressing out about this. I’m afraid that I won’t be getting that much money during tax season.
    18 answers 1 day ago United States
  • How many times have you moved house/home..?

    Best answer: I always wanted to live in Spain. Especially in the glorious city of Moraira. I have relatives in this city. My parents and I moved 5 times.Our roots from there. I went there often to them. Recently looked apartments for sale in Moraira for moving there. I think that during the next year I will move there. I really miss my grandparents. That's my little dream :))) I hope this will be my last move
    18 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Charging tenant for part of gas bill starting mid-month?

    I'm a landlord and was wondering if I can start charging a tenant for part of the gas bill mid-month. It is stated in his lease that he may be asked to help offset the cost of heating in the winter. He is under the impression that I need to give him a 30 day notice for "rent increase". Am I able to start legally charging him for part of the gas bill right away or does that fall under rent increase?
    19 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Can I get out of a mortgage agreement for seller withholding that there was a leaking oil tank?

    My girlfriend purchased a house (seller is holding the mortgage) earlier this year. A week after the closing, town inspectors showed up saying there's an oil leak coming from our tank, from the valve connecting the two oil tanks. We called the seller of the property who came over and from certain things he said in the conversation, he knew about the valve leaking. Is there a way to get out of this agreement and get back the money we put down as well as closing costs?
    24 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Just got a call saying we won a trip to Florida but we have to pay 500 dollars for fees and 10-15/night taxes for hotel.?

    They also mentioned we have to take a 90 min tour down there and asked if we make over 40k/year combined Income. I used my fraud protection card for the charge. Is this a scam ? How do you know what a real winning trip is vs fraud trip? With my card I can just call up and say it's not my bill and they give me new card and I won't have to pay.
    13 answers 18 hours ago Credit
  • Do you need to have a bank account in order to get a job? Like, if I were to work and get paid..Do I really need a bank account?

    I'm trying to get a job but I don't want to open a bank account. Does it really matter if I have a bank account or not? Can I still get pay checks even without a bank account? Does most jobs require workers to have back accounts or is it just only necessary if you want direct deposit? Do jobs ask for bank account information? {I've worked before but never needed a bank account because it was through a family company and they would pay me in cash only. So, I still don't want a bank account. I don't trust bank accounts.}
    12 answers 16 hours ago Personal Finance
  • I've lost my mom's bank card, how would I let her know?

    Best answer: The sooner you tell her the better. Dreading telling her will turn out to be worse than actually telling her, and then she will still find out sooner or later anyway. Pull the band-aid off quickly. It will sting a bit but just do it and get it over with (i.e. come clean and while you may be punished at least you will get it over with). Apologize, learn from it, and move on as quickly as possible.
    14 answers 1 day ago Personal Finance
  • Anybody knows a good website to purchase industrial automation products?

    5 answers 1 day ago Small Business
  • Buy a house from old people?

    hello, I am interested in a buying a home from elder people who know they will be living in an assisted living center for the rest of their lives... I know a lot of elders people want to give their home to their relatives but I also know that there are some elders who do not have any family member. My question is what website or where can I find information on how to buy a home from elders people? thank you.
    18 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate