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  • Would you rather look younger or older than your age?

    170 answers 4 days ago Optical
  • Can I eat shrimp if I ve type 1 diabetes?

    9 answers 9 hours ago Diabetes
  • I hear bad voices?

    Im 16 female, been in counseling for 5 years. I have been diagnosed with depression. But i never told her about the voices that are in my head telling me to cut myself, or kill myself. Im scared of what she will say or if she'll tell my dad or wont believe me, but these voices make me hit myself. I honestly feel as if i hide all the time how actually severe this is. I just need someone. I need some advice. But please just don't say "tell you're counselor" its harder than it sounds
    17 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • True or false: Depression/Anxiety are not real mental illnesses?

    They are fake illnesses that are just placed because someone feels a certain way that anyone can feel, so they think they must have these conditions. Pretty much any mood disorder is a fake disorder, including bipolar disorder, which also is not a real mental illness. The only real mental illnesses are aspergers/autism, schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, MPD, and ADHD. Depression and anxiety are emotions, not mental disorders.
    18 answers 20 hours ago Mental Health
  • Please help. I'm nearly 30 and struggle in social situations.?

    I was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder and social anxiety. I DO go out. go for long walks with my dog and I go shopping on my own (even though I get panic attacks around people). But I don't ever go out with friends. I never socialise. I can't seem to keep friends. I always end up upsetting them, but I don't know why. I even go to the cinema alone. I went to the cinema on my birthday alone because my 'friends' cancelled on me. I want to start trying to mix with people but I have no idea how to. I just get shy around people and quiet and I can see they are looking at me like, 'why are you here? or are you simple?' Please help. I feel so lonely some times.
    15 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • My boyfriend wants nothing to do with me during my cycle because he thinks it's disgusting?

    I mean, there's nothing glamorous, fun or appealing about periods. Especially if they're as bad as mine. But my boyfriend constanyly has to tell me how disgusting it is, he won't buy me pads, tampons, he won't get me anything for pain, won't even come into contact with me until it's over, he just avoids me. And then I'm left in pain, and bloody because he won't help me. He'll even make me sleep on the couch or floor in risk that I'll get blood on him or his bed. Even though that's unlikely. No person deserves to be treated this way. Does anyone know what I can do or has had experience with this?
    14 answers 6 hours ago Women's Health
  • How does depression make you feel? can somebody (preferably somebody who experienced it or experience it) give me a close insight?

    Best answer: For me it’s just the feeling of hopelessness.
    You see no purpose in life, no light at the end of the tunnel.
    You’re trying to swim but you’re just being dragged to the bottom of the ocean.
    There’s this sort of heaviness on you, almost crushing you, making you only feel a deep sadness.
    You have little to no emotions and just lay in bed all day.
    There’s no motivations to do anything except sleep.
    You can’t get enough sleep - it’s your only escape.
    Note that this is just what I feel, not everyone else
    15 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • I get a yeast infection every time I have sex!!?

    Best answer: This is beyond what most of us can help you with. He should definitely shower beforehand with a normal soap as antibacterial is not good for any of us and doesn't kill yeast (only makes yeast grow better as it kills off healthy bacteria). No tub baths for you, no douches, and you should shower and clean yourself after. I don't think peeing after is even close to enough as yeast infections can be all over your genital areas, not just internally. In fact your urethra where the pee comes out is the least likely place to need cleaning out in this situation.

    Eat lots of yogurt that's as plain as you can stand and wear comfortable 100% cotton underwear (no thongs). Things need to breathe. A humid environment urged on by bad underwear that is microfiber or polyester is a great place to grow yeast.

    Write down all of the times you've had an infection and take that to your nurse practitioner, primary care doc, or gynecologist. I'd recommend a gyno. You may not be getting enough full recovery from an OTC treatment, and this person is most likely to know of any odds and ends. You definitely should try a prescription oral yeast infection medication.

    Another thing to consider: this may not be a yeast infection. There are other things.... ):

    Sorry and hope it all gets better for you soon.
    5 answers 2 days ago Women's Health
  • What are the best ways to reduce and eliminate belly, abdominal, and thigh fat?

    13 answers 3 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • Do people think you're insane?

    140 answers 5 days ago Mental Health
  • Is it normal to sleep more than 16 hours ?

    Best answer: There are many things that can cause you to feel fatigued all the time. Lack of exercise, dehydration, not eating enough, depression, low blood sugar, hormones etc. I wouldn't say it's normal to sleep more than 16 hours on a regular basis so it would probably be best to see a doctor.
    20 answers 3 days ago Other - General Health Care
  • Why do rural Republicans park their trailers or build their houses so far from the road? Is there a reason for having a front yard that is?

    bigger than the backyard?
    14 answers 17 hours ago Men's Health
  • Would it be difficult for you to give up french fries for the rest of your life?

    51 answers 4 days ago Infectious Diseases
  • I eat 3 scrambled eggs with bread every evening. Is this unhealthy?

    Best answer: Unlikely. Eggs got a bad rap a decade or so ago because they thought that the cholesterol in eggs made people more susceptible to heart attack. It turned out not to be true. It's true that too much cholesterol in your blood stream will cause problems but eating eggs doesn't necessarily mean that the cholesterol is going to be in your blood and damage your arteries.

    There's nothing wrong with eating fat, it's being fat that is unhealthy. But of course if you eat too much fat without exercising you are going to get fat.

    Eggs actually are really good for you, they have high quality protein and many other valuable nutrients. Like everything though, it's about balance. If you eat too much of anything and don't exercise then there will be problems but generally eating eggs is very healthy.
    23 answers 2 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • What does it mean if my dentist says my tooth is "field"?

    I was at the dentist today for a checkup. My dentist was checking the teeth and her assistant would write down what she says about it. She said a few of my teeth were "field". It went something like this "2 OK, 3 OK, 4 OK, 5 field, 6 OK, 7 field" etc.
    6 answers 1 day ago Dental
  • I’m scared/worries that i won’t get wet during sex?

    So i’m a virgin and i’m most likely going to be having sex for the first time tomorrow night with my boyfriend of 1 year. The problem is, i’m scared i won’t get wet enough for it to be a pleasant time. There are times where i can get super wet but there are times where i don’t get wet at all???? Help! Should i drink more water throughout the day? What foods should i eat?? help xx
    12 answers 11 hours ago Women's Health
  • How much does a half a gallon of milk weigh?

    17 answers 3 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • Can yall name one food that i can eat everyday all day and still be healthy?

    15 answers 1 day ago Diet & Fitness