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  • How do you respond to someone who says "I don't like you"?

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  • If you're staying with someone as a guest (distant relatives, boyfriends family etc) is it acceptable to have a shower without asking them.?

    And is it okay to help yourself to water from their kitchen or to make yourself a snack? Surely they won't expect you to starve and be dirty during the stay?
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  • Why do Americans break normal polite table etiquette when eating? Americans use the fork in the right hand instead of the left.?

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  • Do you think this is really rude?

    So I'm sharing a house with my brother and his family. We share everything including the refrigerator. Well, the wife often would put signs on the food saying "This is for a party" "This is for so and so" I guess to tell me not to eat them. I find this pretty rude considering she never goes grocery shopping and never spends a dime on food even though my brother gives her a large allowance every month. She doesn't even throw out the trash cause she's apparently the Princess and I'm her servant. So how rude is this Beeeotch?
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  • Should this older gentleman be ignored around this high school girl, or not?

    Best answer: You should ask her how she feels about the situation. If she has a problem with it, talk to the manager, not her parents. If she is fine with it leave it alone. Her parents trust her to be able to handle a job and dealing with people so there's no reason to insert yourself in this by saying something to her parents.
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  • If you accidentally broke something of someone else’s, do you have to pay for it?

    Best answer: Out of courtesy, you should replace it...
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  • How do I thank my boss the right way for a $750 Christmas bonus I got?

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  • Why are some elderly so entitled and rude?

    I treat them with respect always and am polite But some of them queue jump Demand discounts Act rude Push in Etc
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  • What would you do, if you feel sleepy at the office/work place?

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  • My coworker takes way too long breaks and often leaves work early without telling anyone should I tell my boss?

    I ma friends with him but it's pissing me off, I do the right thing and becaus ehe does this I have to work even harder to pick up the slack! He even encourages me to have longer breaks but I can't I'm not the kind of person who can slack off like that. I really don't want to tell my boss because she'd probably fire him but ffs he's pissing me off! He left an hour early yesterday and there was so much work still to do and guess who had to do it all? That's right THIS GUY! Outside in 40 degree heat! So over it what should I do???
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  • Noisy neighbor and roommates?

    I am sandwiched between devil roommates and asshole neighbor upstairs. Most days are quite and after long hours of school and work I finally go to bed to have my long waited sleep. Usually after 11pm my roommates comes home and they start cooking (which I don't have problem with) but they start chit chatting and gossiping, laughing and eventually that turns into really loud conversation. I had already asked them to be quite after 11pm but they wouldn't wanna listen. I can't be very confrontational but I trust me I tried and had already let them know that my sleep is being disrupted every night their noise. Now they are just being rude and inconsiderate. Remember in Mother movie when Jennifer Lawrence asks two uninvited guests sitting on the counter to get off the counter and they were acting to be considerate at first but after they didn't even care what she asked them to do? Its the same. I can't ask them to be quite anymore because my concern doesn't matter to them. My neighbor plays loud music and all that travels through my ceiling is the bass. I had asked them to lower the music especially the bass and they apologized for being loud but after few days they stared playing music just as loud as they were playing before. I don't understand the world we live in. Why people like having fun by causing inconvenience to others? I don't want to deprive people from having fun but why are they depriving me from my sleep?
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  • My neighbor keeps closing my garage door. I have left notes and that doesn't work. Im feeling increasingly violent. what should i do?

    Best answer: You say the police refuse to get involved.
    But have you made it clear to them that your neighbour actually TRESPASSES on your property in order to close the door? Or did you just focus on the annoyance of finding the door closed?
    It's just possible that the police don't realise the full nature of the annoyance. Go back and make it clear that the man is trespassing. That is a real offence.
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  • Guy at work won't work with me?

    I have noticed occasionally that he will keep looking at me, but for a few weeks now he has decided not to work near me anymore. I've done nothing wrong except be nice and pleasant to all - even my boss says she never wants me to ever leave as I work hard. When I am on annual leave he will come into this office, but not when I'm here. I don't get it. Any ideas?
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  • How should I speak to my friends mother on the phone to make her life me?

    i dont want to call because her mum doesnt like me and i only got her house phone.(her mum doesnt like me because she thinks i'm rude, when i asked to talk to her daughter i didnt say please, she also thinks I smoke weed) she said i have to call her because shes too scared to call me because shes scared of my mum (my mum accused her from stealing from me). Should i just forget we were ever friends? we known eachother since we were 4. But she doesn't seem to be making the effort to contact me either.
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  • Is this weird? Minor-league rude?

    Best answer: Nah. The Holidays are rough on everyone. Don't make it worse for you by looking into something deeper than you should. Worst case scenario they don't like you and you know know to keep the candy to yourself! They probably just didn't notice it or just forgot to respond. It happens.
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  • Co worker was disgustingly rude to me?

    we work in a restaurant hes front of house I'm boh. not wanting food to go cold and wanting to talk to my chef I ran the food upstairs and asked him to take it to the table in which he responded "well its already in your hands so why don't you just bring it over" it was rude, condescending, and unappreciative. he tried to apologize right after but I walked away as I was unable to accept the apology. like what is that ****? how do I treat them after this?
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  • How to deal with a bossy co-worker?

    Best answer: Stay neutral. Just stick to the facts pertaining to work. There's nothing you can do if she has done nothing wrong as far as her work ethics go. The boss has made a choice and all you can do is prove yourself through your work. That's life.
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