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  • I read a book and started crying like a little kid, dont know whats wrong with me?

    It's an historical fiction about an irish young man and girl struggling with their immigrant lives. He was convicted by english officers and tortured. Even ..raped. at that point I cried. His fellow mate was burnt alive and the english wanted to find his daughter and sell them as a prostitute (she was only 5).. this irish guy manages to escape and to save the little girl and treats her like her own daughter. He escapes to england to hide for a while and meets an irish girl who he knew when he was a kid. The girl has changed: she's not as happy as when she was in Ireland (she left before the war), she's bullied because irish and poor and she wants to go to college because she's really smart but it's forbidden because shes irish.. so depressing. Throughout the whole book the boy says the daughter is his own, and he treats the other girl in a cold way, although he secretly loves her and protects her. She loves him but she's stubborn and shy and afraid of lots of things. At some point when she isnt accepted at college she decides to commit suicide and when he finds out he gets mad and confesses that he loves her, and everything is ok until he reveals that he cannot love anyone because of what happened in prison. She cries listening to his words and kisses him, although he refuses. They end up making love while after they cried. that was so emotional...
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  • Writing my query letter - should I also include a short piece of coursework as well as a section of the book?

    I am in the process of contacting a literary agent, with the hope of getting my book published. To demonstrate more pieces of my work, do you think I should include a link to a short piece of English coursework that I did recently? I'm a first-time author so I have no previous books to list. Thanks!
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  • How did Stephen King become rich from writing horror when horror is not even that popular?

    I mean, he is the only horror writer to become rich writing it.
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  • CE users: Are any of you fans of Doctor Who?

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  • Question: Can you Name any Books 📖 that you have Read that were really bad 👎🏼?

    Especially any Book that had rave reviews, & when you read it you felt disappointment in its entirety?
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  • Could someone faint if something squeezed them very tight?

    If someone was hugged tight enough and it squeezed them so tight that it hurt, could they pass out? I m writing a story and I don t know how I should make the character faint to pass time...
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  • Does it make someone gay when they read a homosexual book and like it?

    Best answer: No
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  • Why do people bother to read fictional stories when they're all lies?

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  • Do Books Make Good Presents?

    My Wife and I are both fans of film and TV and theatre. However my wife likes reading. For Christmas I have got her a big book, it is the complete Sherlock Holmes stories, it features all 4 full novels and all 56 short stories of Sherlock Holmes written by Arthur Conan-Doyle. Both my wife and I love Detective fiction and we like film and TV that are crime dramas etc like police shows etc, my wife considers Sherlock Holmes to be the best detective, a genius that has flaws, he is such an iconic character, even modern characters are influenced by Holmes, the TV show House (2004-2012) the character House is so clearly based on Holmes. We also like the TV show of Sherlock Holmes made 1984-1994 starring very good actor Jeremy Brett, he was perfect in the role. So is this book a good present for someone who likes detective fiction and Sherlock Holmes in general?
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  • What's more satisfying, finishing a book or having an orgasm?

    Best answer: Book
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  • Do you think reading books helps you to enrich your vocabulary?

    Best answer: Well of course it does. As you read, you encounter new words, and every time you meet a particular new word in a different context, you gain a wider understanding of its meaning AND of the way it's used.
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  • I feel deeply ashamed for writing horror books; however, horror is my passion. Should I feel this way?

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  • Books and Authors: How do I write that a character is taking a dump?

    I can't even use metaphors for this. Like, "He sat down and soon he roughly fed the toilet with his sh*t"? Yeah, I'm not saying that. Are there at least any formal words for "crap" and t"to take a dump/leak"?
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  • What do US men think about Meghan Markle marrying prince Harry?

    Curious because I keep hearing about it by the media. Does it interest you? Do you care? Does it upset you that you'll be hearing about it for years to come?
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  • When telling a story, let's say it's something about what I witnessed last week, what grammatical tense should the story be in?

    Let's say: "Last week, I went to Walmart and while I was picking up some vegetables and fruits, I noticed this old man by the apple stand, he looking through the pile, then he would look around if somebody was looking at him, then he would pick an apple and take a bite on it and put it back in the bin and hide it at the bottom of the pile." Does my story makes sense? Do the tenses agree with the time of the event and with the rest of the story? By the way, this is not a school work. I'm trying to write some kind of a diary or personal logbook.
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  • First Person vs. Third Person (Point of View)?

    Best answer: The issue you describe is not uncommon, especially in someone of your age. Please know that this is not meant to demean you in any way; in fact, I would say you already show talent beyond your years.

    Good writing requires self awareness (this is actually a challenge to many but you sound ahead of the game). Good storytelling requires the writer to step outside his/her head and experience life through the mind of another. This can be difficult when you yourself still have not experienced a diverse range of real-life "characters."

    For example, let's say you wanted to include a female nurse character in a story but you've never known a nurse or been inside of a hospital. The character would likely end up a mish-mash of impressions you've gotten from other stories and TV shows rather than one with any real depth. Because you have no emotional connection to her, you reader will not either. I'm guessing this is what you mean by "blunt."

    One exercise you can try is writing short stories about people you know well (a friend, family member, etc.) These do not have to be "real" stories for publication, you can just start out with a few paragraphs in your journal.

    Write a few scenes describing them in everyday situations, simple things like joking around in school behind the teacher's back, dealing with a rude person at a shop. Do not write about things that actually happened. Invent new scenes but with people and situations familiar to you.

    You will find yourself injecting their personalities and habits into your writing and, in doing so, you should sense a different feel in your stories. Instead of "he did this" and "she thought that" you will be reading about genuine actions and emotions rooted in the character, not in your head.

    As you get more comfortable writing about people you know, you'll find yourself developing the talent of getting into other people's heads and having that third-person perspective that makes for good third-person writing.
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  • Can you tell me a scary story?

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  • Is it true some authors made millions of pounds by self-publishing on Amazon?

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  • Is creative writing class fun?

    I actually want to be an author!! But from personal experiences how was creative writing for you in high school! Or now if you’re still in high school! (If you took it (: )
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