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  • Which r better dogs or cats ?

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  • What's your dogs name?

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  • Do you give the garbage staff or mail/package delivery people on your route a winter holiday tip or gift?

    Garbage & recycling staff, mail delivery people, security guard, parking lot attendants... for what industries do you provide gifts during the holidays? If you gift cash or a gift card, how much do you give them?
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  • How long does a dog live for?

    I'd prefer from personal knowledge pls
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  • Why is my 12 year old male dog suddenly having accidents in the house?

    He's a small mixed breed terrier we got from a family member practically as a newborn puppy and he's been potty trained for years, but recently hes been leaving puddles inside for some reason. I don't just mean he's deciding to pee inside though. He peed the bed one night and I assumed it was just a one time accident, but today I noticed him start to pee while laying on the couch then jump down and pee right there where he stood like he couldn't hold it. He didn't sniff or lift his leg or anything. Just let loose. Does anyone have any idea if this is just a side effect of old age or if I should be worried?
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  • Best toys for cats?

    I was just wondering what the best toys for cats are? What kinds of toys are must haves? So far, I ve gotten interactive/wand toys, jingle balls, and toys like mice. My new cat is pretty playful which is different from my previous cats who didn t care much for toys. I want to make sure to get the best must have toys for my new cat.
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  • Do you think tuna is okay to feed a dog?

    Best answer: If this is a stray, you contact animal control so they can contact the owners who reported him missing.
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  • How much should I price my homemade dog treats?

    I make dog treats from bananas (50 cents a pound), peanut butter ($2) and oats ($2.50). Im having a hard time pricing them and how many dog treats to put in a bag. Help?
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  • Why do people still insist on buying or finding a cat by its breed?

    Best answer: It's because it makes them feel special saying they have a pure bred cat. It's all about flaunting and showing off. I'll take my shelter cats any day.
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  • Help!!! i got chased by a dog. What should i do!!!?

    Yesterday a group of friends and I were playing street football. Suddenly, I'm going for a long pass and the gate door from a high barb-wire fence (surrounding a metal plant) was left open. Just after I caught the ball, my friends started running. Before I had a chance to ask them what were they running from, a pack of stray dogs, mostly mean breeds (G. Shepherds, Dobermans, pit bulls, Rottweilers, etc., were chasing me. But the dogs were chasing me, instead of my friends. What should i do? Can i call the police and get the owner arrested? Please help!!! I am so scared i am crying!!!
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  • Should I call the vet right away?

    My cat got attacked by two dogs. The inside of his ear is bleeding, nails are torn off of his back leg, there is a bite hole between his ears, and the end of his tail is missing. He is drinking water, but I don’t think he can chew, he is only drinking the juice from his soft food. His breathing and everything else seems fine. I am not sure if i should take him in right away.
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  • Why doesnt my Dog bark?

    I dont really understand why, ive had my dog for like, 3 years now, and not once has he barked. Its very worrying to me that he hasnt barked because other peoples same breed of dog barks a ton!
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  • Any idea why my husky is crying/howling at night only?

    My husky has been an outside dog for years, it's not too cold outside so I know that's not the reason plus he won't come inside as he feels it's hot with the running heater. Also I've noticed that he only wants to be at a certain spot and won't move from there, he starts crying for no reason nonstop all night long. I've tried keeping him in different spots (front yard/back yard) but he insists in just one spot near the corner of a tree near one of our neighbours backyard. He literally wants to be there all day, can not make him move from there. He was okay in that spot for about a week then began crying again only during the nights. I make sure he eats, he has plenty of drinking water. I make sure he's comfortable. I do not see anything unusual around, everything outside is pretty normal but he looks through the fence a lot to the neighbors home yard way too much, I've looked through the fence myself to see if there could be anything unusual there but everything is normal. Any idea why he be crying? This is my first time having a husky but I've had him for years, I've made sure he's properly taken care of and I've been successful for years, I have no clue what is going on.
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  • My kitten is coughing?

    Best answer: I would take him back to the vet and get him checked for an upper respiratory infection. Coughing could be just the beginning. My kitten just got over it and he's been sick since we going him, almost two months ago.
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  • Do Pitbulls Attack Other Dogs?

    Best answer: Most of them will. pit bull is a catch all for most bully breeds, the pit its self is just so messed by BYBers, it is not the dog it used to be. Mankind has ruined the breed with all the ignorant BYBers popping out very low quality pups.

    A pit made a great pet for a little boy going into manhood, never a problem with him at all, or so the story said. At the age of 7 the pit attacked & killed an uncle that lived with the family. Out of no where came this sudden attack & death of an adult man. For 7 yrs the dog was good & then one day.......... Just one example out of thousands. the pit now days is just a mutt cause of the way mankind (BYBers) because they don't care about the quality of a dog, they just want the dog to have puppies to steel your money. Psychologically messed up breed. Don't get the dog.
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  • Aggressive pitbull puppy help before it s too late!?

    Best answer: Firstly I'm going to repeat an answer I gave before on pit bulls.
    I actually wrote an essay on this topic.

    The “pit bull” is very wrongly stereotyped.
    Sure, you open up your favorite news web page and you never really see a story about a Chihuahua mauling a full-grown man, but that’s because it isn’t as capable as a “pit bull.” The main problem is that the media gets more off an exaggerated story than an accurate and true case.

    For example, in this day’s society and media, any bully breed is reported as a “pit bull.” Bully breeds are dogs that have similar traits to “pit bulls”. Just a few examples;
    - Alapaha Blue Blood
    - American Bulldog
    - Banter Bulldog
    - Boston Terrier
    - Bull Mastiff
    - Bull Terrier
    - Cane Corso Italiano
    - English Bulldog
    - French Bulldog
    - American Bully Dog
    - Old English Bulldog
    - Valley Bulldog
    - Boxer
    (Although similar, these breeds came from common ancestors of the “pit bull” rather than from “pit bulls” themselves.)

    And it gets even more ridiculous.

    Media gets better ratings when they say the attack/cause of death was a “pit bull.” On average, there are about a million dog attacks a year, but people don’t care about the non-fatal and unreported dog attacks. Non-fatal and unreported attacks take up over 79.52% of total bites and attacks.

    “Most dog bites do not come from Pit Bulls, but rather small and medium sized dogs. A large percentage of bites go unreported because the bite did not require medical attention. Pit Bulls are strong and when they bite, like all large-breed dogs, the bite is bigger, causing more damage. If we were to only look at dog attacks coming from non-criminal owners, the percentage of Pit Bull attacks drops dramatically to where it would be less of an issue than Labrador Retriever attacks.”

    “Pit bulls” were actually once called nanny dogs. No matter what “pit bull” haters say, they were NOT originally bred for pit fighting. Originally, they were actually bred to herd, retrieve livestock, and guard children. They originated from the UK. Eventually, they were bred off into two genetically different breeds; the Staffordshire Terrier and the Nanny dog. The Staffordshire Terrier was bred to be exclusively a livestock retriever/ranch dog. The Nanny dog was bred to exclusively guard children.

    When brought to America, the Staffordshire Terrier became the American Staffordshire Terrier and became more of a family dog rather than a ranch dog. The Nanny dogs’ original job was to be protective and fight off attackers. The more capable the dog was to win the fight, the more they were bred. The weaker Nanny dogs were eventually bred out of the gene pool. The Nanny dogs ended up actually stronger than the Staffordshire Terriers, so they were defiled by the cruel selfishness of humans.

    When introduced to America, the Nanny dogs started to be used in pit fight just because their strength and willingness to attack if necessary had potential for pit fighting. Very quickly, people noticed that the Nanny dogs were winning more than any other dog. The prime trait in breeding fight dogs is aggression. As Nanny dogs were more commonly used as fight dogs, they were bred to be dog aggressive. Only DOG aggressive because a pit fighter “handler” was supposed to be able to pull their dog off another one without the dog turning and attacking them.
    This is when they officially became the American Pit Bull Terrier.

    The misleading concept that they are most likely to attack humans was created when people started breeding them for other illegal purposes, such as guarding an illegal drug production plants.

    “Take away the Pit Bull and you will not eliminate the problem. Pit Bulls are victims of criminals who use them as status symbols. They are their current dog of choice.”

    The American Pit Bull Terrier’s bad reputation came from being commonly associated with criminals. However, I cannot deny that some were bred into the human aggressive trait. With law enforcement stricter on dog fighting and breeding, very few genetically human aggressive dogs are out there. Once the human and dog aggression is completely bred out, criminals will switch to another breed and demonize them.

    The arguments that it’s “the owners fault” and “they are naturally aggressive” are actually both true. However in the long run, it was humans that made them aggressive.

    To answer your question, I think he may not be getting enough exercise and is hyper aggressive. I would consult a trainer and/or animal behaviorist about this.
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  • What should I do? Should I report this?

    So my dogs, sister and I were walking in the park on Wednesday when we were attacked by an off leash pit bull. He was with his owners and as soon as he saw my larger dog, he bolted and started biting her face and throat. He even bit her leg and pulled fur out. I immediately started trying to separate them which lead to him knocking me over twice(I injured my back and hands) and he even chewed on my hand (no blood). His owners didn t try to stop him until he knocked me over a second time and I didn t get up because I was in pain. He also knocked over my sister. My dog started running away and he chased her to try and bite her again but then his owners called him back. She doesnt have any bad bite marks but she is limping on the leg whrre he pulled her fur out. My back and legs are in lots of pain from where he knocked me over, and my hands are sore. My problem id that these owners had their dog off leash in a public area, and that he immediately attacked our dog unprovoked. I remember clearly what he looks like and what his owners look like, should I report this? From my witnessing, this was a pretty vicious attack, our dog was constantly helping as she tried to get away.
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  • Cats or dogs?

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  • Was it the right decision taking he dog to a pound? Given that he was on a chain leash with no dog shelter and freezing at night. Storybelow?

    It was a very, very tough decision and we are from a small town. We tried rehoming for a couple weeks after owner leaves him outside 24:7 but due to only being on a leash, he is not trained, so nobody wants him... two of us felt that in the long run if he isn't adopted out of the shelter then being put down is probably best. (Most shelters, NOT all, do the best they can but we can't keep every dog) Please don't say I'm an awful human being when it's the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life is to see a dog suffer and be miserable in the cold. My mom said no dogs but the owner gave permission to get rid of him.
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  • I m worried about my 13 year old dog?

    My dog is a 13 year old lab mix, and he s been acting weird. Let me give you some history: he has allergies, awful arthritis, and a skin condition due to said allergies. He was always a lazy dog, even in his puppy years, and that only grew as he lost his ability to climb onto the couch. He recently has been trying to get on the couch again, even though he stopped trying for years. (He can t, and it is very hard to lift an 80+ pound dog) he has been extra clingy, and is panting heavily when he walks. He s been walking around more, seeming like he can t stay in one spot if someone isn t there. Just now I had to move his dog bed right next to then head of my bed because he wouldn t lay on it anywhere else. Even then I had to keep petting him until he fell asleep or else he would try to get up again. What s wrong?
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