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  • Will Alabama become BLUE?

    15 answers 4 hours ago Other - United States
  • Is Israel liberal or conservative?

    6 answers 2 hours ago Israel
  • Would your life be any different if there was no porn?

    36 answers 4 days ago Phan Thiet
  • So how did the Civil War end?

    Best answer: Cromwell, and his Roundheads defeated King Charles, and his Cavaliers in 1661. That ended the war.
    18 answers 1 day ago Other - United Kingdom
  • Would pedantic pommy poof(tento) and pompous pommy zafir make a lovely couple if tento wasnt a vile child molesting f@ggot?

    6 answers 1 day ago Other - Australia
  • Is airplane food free?

    I know it might be a dumb question but im a kid traveling alone so I dont really know what to expect.
    11 answers 5 hours ago Air Travel
  • Canadians, do you say aboot?

    Best answer: What are talking aboot?
    12 answers 18 hours ago Other - Canada
  • What do you think of Rupert Murdoch?

    Best answer: Good man
    12 answers 18 hours ago Other - Australia
  • Are PrinceCharles & Camilla Parker-Bowles popular in Australia?Will they travel there soon to shore up Aussie support for their future reign?

    15 answers 2 days ago Other - Australia
  • Fellow Aussies i know it is a few weeks away but have you made up your new years resolutions yet?

    I have 10 and this time i'm going to stick to them
    12 answers 23 hours ago Other - Australia
  • Do Jews celebrate Christmas?

    11 answers 18 hours ago Israel
  • Abraham converted to Judaism but from what religion did he come from?

    Best answer: Noah and his family served God and they knew about the flood and saw the world come populated again. The son of Noah was Shem who was a grand father to Abraham. Shem was more religious than the other people in the world at that time and he taught Abraham. Then their descendants were Jews. through Jacob they were called Israel. They were promised that land but they failed to serve God and he cast them off as his people and took people from all over the world to serve him.
    So today he has a nation out of all the nations.
    16 answers 2 days ago Israel
  • Is it true that Jews started the Slave Trade?

    Best answer: Some experts will admit to this claim.

    Jews in what is now Syria were involved in the sugar trade well over 1,000 years ago. Sugar is labor intensive and the Jews employed slaves from the earliest times to facilitate the production of sugar.

    "A crude sugar was produced for almost 1000 years, between A.D. 600 and A.D. 1600 in Norht Africa, the Levant and the Mediterranean region of Europe. Specific regions producing cane sugar and crude sugar included Palestine, Syria, Egypt Cyprus, southern Morocco, Syracuse (Sicily), and southern Spain."

    The "Jews" brought sugar production from the these areas (sugar is thought to be of Polynesian origin) of the Near East to Madeira and São Tomé then on to Brazil (they were kicked out) and on to the Caribbean and America.

    If you look into the rum industry you will see that it was dominated by Jews.

    "Early Jewish immigrants were also heavily involved in the production of that most Caribbean of spirits, rum, putting their knowledge of agriculture to work in the New World. John Nunes, a Jew from Jamaica, was one of the founders of the Bacardi distillery in Cuba, while Storm Portner was one of the first sugar-cane producers in Haiti." -

    From Page 3 of
    Sugar and Related Sweetener Markets: International Perspectives
    edited by Andrew Schmitz

    You can read more once you find the publication below.


    It is interesting that the publication is trying to down play Jewish involvement but it seems to inadvertently expose the Jewish involvement."

    A TNO level of subterfuge if you will.

    When you read about this subject and see the term " Portuguese Nation of Amsterdam" you will be safe to conclude - Jewish.

    "the Portuguese Sephardim were active in African commodity and slave trades since the 1580s. Diogo
    Nunes Belmonte, Miguel de Pas, Duarte and David de Palacios and Manuel Dias Henriques were the most important merchants during the period prior to the 1640s"

    30. Sabine Go, Marine insurance in the Netherlands 1600-1870: a comparative institutional approach (Leiden 2009);

    Ribeiro da Silva, Dutch and Portuguese in western Africa, 271-279;

    Filipa Ribeiro da Silva, ‘Crossing empires: Portuguese, Sephardic, and Dutch business networks in the Atlantic slave trade, 1580-1674’,

    Seymour Drescher, ‘The role of Jews in the Transatlantic slave trade’, Immigrants and
    Minorities 12 (1993) 113-125;

    David B. Davis, ‘Jews in the slave trade’, in: Jack Salzman and Cornel West (eds.), Struggles in the promised land: Towards a history of Black-Jewish relations in the United States (New York 1997) 65-72;

    Eli Faber, Jews, slaves and the slave trade. Setting the record straight (New York 1998);

    Saul S. Friedman, Jews and the American slave trade (New Brunswick 1998); ‘aha Council Issues Policy Resolution about Jews and the slave trade’, aha Perspectives (Mar. 1995).
    13 answers 3 days ago Israel
  • Is McDonald's the best food in Australia?

    Best answer: Darn I was hoping "Shrimp on the Barbie" and "Bloomin' onion" from Outback Steakhouse would have been higher rated.
    16 answers 2 days ago Other - Australia
  • Can an airline change layover times ?

    If there's a 3 hour lay over... can they change it to a 7 hour lay over after you bought the ticket?
    12 answers 1 day ago Air Travel
  • Do you like Jews?

    Best answer: That's an understatement. I love Jews.
    33 answers 4 days ago Israel
  • Why does Trump declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel?

    He is no one to declare which is the capital of Israel. He is the president of The USA, not Israel.
    10 answers 1 day ago Israel
  • Can spiders ride on airplanes?

    12 answers 2 days ago Air Travel
  • I predict that in this century USA will get its first female president.?

    What will I get if my prediction became true?
    9 answers 1 day ago New York City