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  • Boyfriend on drugs?

    my boyfriend of one year is 16, he moved to a really bad part of town a few months ago and has a really bad friend group. his dad has been doing drugs his whole life and now is getting my boyfriend into them as well. his dad is buying them every night and does them with my boyfriend. they try something different every night. first it was weed and alcohol and then ecstasy, molly, acid and shrooms. his dad does cocaine in front of him as well. my boyfriend doesn’t see anything wrong with doing the drugs for fun. but when he does them with his dad and all his friends he’s a total different person. his mom won’t take custody and he won’t leave his dad. he is now dealing drugs as well and has gotten hurt a few times and still won’t realize what he’s doing is wrong. if i try to get him away from that house and from his dad he gets mad. he was never like that before he moved to this town. now he’s never without his friends and never not high or on some kind of drugs. idk what to do because he won’t realize what he’s doing but it’s hurting him and our relationship and i’m scared. please give me suggestions.
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  • Does homeschooling cause a lack of social skills?

    My 12 year old daughter is being physically bullied by a girl who comes from a very abusive family (now in foster care). The school suspended a few kids once, but they're not afraid to keep doing it. My daughter ignores all cruel comments, and tries to stay out of their way. I think she's pretty good at that - but at this point, they've done things that went too far. Schools can be filled with children with all sorts of behavioural issues. I'm deciding to start homeschooling my girl instead. However, I'm a bit concerned that she will lack peer interactions. There's always camping, sports, and activities though. She's made some close friends although they're usually younger or older than her. We decided it might be best for our child to homeschool for a few years to gain that experience, focus more on academics, and be in a safe environment.
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  • Would you allow your daughter to go to a co educational swimming session in gym class in middle/high school?

    or would you protest and be against it?
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  • If a child does not see his father, what is his last name?

    A child whose father is not known will often take the last name of the mother. But what if the father is known, yet only the mother takes care of the child? Whose last name will the child typically take?
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  • Is this normal?

    I know there's a lot of fake questions like this on here, but I'm honestly scared and I don't know where else to ask. Ever since I turned 16, my dad constantly talks about my body and how beautiful I'm getting. He'll get offended or angry if i don't kiss or hug him goodbye or greet him. One time he put money in the back pocket of my jeans, which I found weird because he could've just handed it to me. He also talks about how "mature" my body is getting and how it's "developing beautifully". He acts the same way towards my older sister and we both find it creepy, but I feel like he does it more towards me. Is this normal?
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  • What do you do when you have a mother who’s jealous of you, because you’re living a life she never had?

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  • I got raped recently, should I tell my parents ?

    I'm 21, already went to the hospital and did the kit. It's just hard, it was really hard to tell my aunt. I don't know if I can tell my parents.
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  • How can I be sure my gran is dead?

    She's collapsed on the couch and there are empty beer bottles all around her, so she might just be drunk. I can't find a pulse, but then again, I can't find my own either.
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  • My preteen sibling and I have a shared chore, they refuse to do their share and our parents don t want to get involved, advice?

    I can t just postpone the chore. Sadly, I ve been put in this situation the past 4 times and caved just to get it done. I don t know how to deal with this, they won t listen to reason
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  • My mum inlaw went Pakistan and brought gifts for her son suitcase and just one dress for me which she gave weeks after should I hold a grudg?

    This happend a while back but it got to me abit we were newly married financially struggling we were sleeping on the floor my husband had no money no job I worked part time only £100 per week just enough for food her and my father inlaw went on a luxurious holiday whilst Asian culture we had to love with them and also didn't have money they left there son with me I paid for his essentials when they got back they got him 2/3 suitcases full of nice clothes and gave it to him in front of me and nothing to me a few weeks later she gave me one disgusting dress after asking her daughters also she gave them loads of clothes to I feel like never giving her anything anyway few years later I went pakistan and was soft hearted and gave the whole family suitcases full also our financial situation is a lot better now but today it brought back memories and I feel like never giving her a gift as I rather not have any from her what do u think am I over reacting
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  • My dad and sister are highly educated. my mom is just a housewife. They both together always make fun of my mom. I feel very bad. What to do?

    I am 19 and stilll studying
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  • I'm going to church today and last week I caught my little 15 y/o sister on her phone. What should I do? Should I take it?

    I'm her 37 y/o brother. I'm her legal guardian and I pay for it so it's technically my phone. What should I do??
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  • Help with the death of my Nan?

    I don’t want to sound insensitive in any way and it’s difficult for me to say without feeling guilty, but for me, my nan died years ago. She developed a stroke and after years of recovering (while I was very young) she had another stroke on her other side of the body. After this she was paralysed, she couldn’t talk, walk, eat or even smile. She was dead on the outside. After getting over how sad it was and accepting the fact that she would likely die after a few weeks (which we were told) everything went back to normal. We’re now at a point (5 years after she became paralysed) that we have discovered she will likely die. I know for my dad it is very very hard, she has seen him everyday since she became ill and she is one of the most important women in his life. I know for me, if she were to die, I wouldn’t be upset, and it wouldn’t affect me too much (which sounds awful) and I know my dad will notice this and I don’t want him to think I don’t care, I just don’t know what to say. If she does die, I really have no idea what to say/do to help my dad, I’m so young and have no experience in death, for me, this whole thing is scary and I don’t know what to do for him, now and (if she does pass) what to do after...
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  • I am so addicted to watching Christmas movies in December. Watch at least one everyday?

    My granda says their cheesy. Does this make me a cheesy person? I just like them as they make me feel happy cuz their full of joy etc
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  • Mymom is on her deathbed rightnow my sister says she has power of attorney. she wants to get her cremated. i want to bury her next to my dad?

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  • Are black people lives difficult?

    Best answer: Here in the US, I'd say yes. Maybe not so much for black females but black males. Especially when in contact with law enforcement.
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  • Our sons a convicted rapist- I don't want to visit him in prison but my husband does?

    I always knew our son would end up in prison, its a mother intuition. Husband says that I need to put all my ill will beside and stand by our son. I never told husband the in depth problems I had with our son as a kid. The times I would wake up in my bed with my son standing over me , numerous times seeing him masturbate on dolls. Mangle dolls, hurt our dog. So why should I support my son when I feel he's a monster?
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  • How Do I Persuade My Mum To Let Me Buy An iPhone?

    Basically im a 15 year old boy from england. I work hard doing a paper round in which i have saved. A girl in my class is selling an iphone 6 for £130 and said i can buy it off her. It is in PERFECT condition no cracks or anything. My mum said no i cant have one as there is nothing wrong with the phone ive got. Im so mad she never lets me spend on what i want. Any persuading tips?
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  • If a 17 year old child is living with his father and the father is charging him rent. does the mother still have to pay child support?

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